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Ultra Hard 10h & N1 Ceramic Coating

The Graphene Pro ceramic coating is the advanced Nano-technology mixed with the properties of Graphene making this coating the perfect, superior product in the Car Care industry that´s like no other.

Graphene Pro ceramic coating provides the ultimate shield for painted surfaces, metal surfaces, metal, and glass against damage with its 100% guaranteed chemical, scratch, and pollutant resistance that lasts for up to 10 years. This Ceramic Coating provides a thick layer of protection up to 1000nm.

Achieve a super smooth, extremely glossy, and hydrophobic invisible layer of protection through a simple application process.

N1 Benefits

N1 smooth surfaces adhere less to weather contamination, keeping your coated surface looking great for a longer time. As smoother N1 surfaces with lesser friction coefficients last longer, it minimizes the need for maintenance works. Graphene car coating It world’s first n1 nano-coating with very high contact angle upon application. N1 also increases the water repellency angle of more than 120°.

10H Benefits

Graphene 10H is super resistant to scratches and offers a permanent 10H ceramic barrier, with high-gloss and superb durability. The super-hard coating forms a permanent covalent bond to paint, gel coat, metal, and wheels. Provide a layer thickness of more than 800 nanometers.

  • World’s First N1 Ceramic Coating
  • 10H Hardness
  • Lasts up to 10 years
  • Contains up to 0.5% Graphene (up to 300 layers)
About ONYX Coating

We choose ONYX COATING to achieve the ultimate shine and protection that has a long-lasting finish. ONYX’s game-changing products are infused with Nanotechnology, therefore, offering the best protection possible for paintwork.

ONYX has created a much-needed solution for automotive enthusiasts who often have struggled to find proper protection against mud, dirt, sun exposure, bird droppings, and chemicals. Ceramic car coating from our brand gives every day like brand new experience.

As an ONYX certified installer, we have the expertise to apply the coating correctly, ensuring optimal performance.

  • Coupe/hatchback $899
  • Sedan/station wagon $999
  • LWB sedan/mid-size SUV $1099
  • Large SUV/UTE $1199

Please note: paint preparation work is required and is charged separately, please contact us for more details.

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