Headlights lacking the necessary brightness for a Warrant of Fitness (WOF)?

Look no further for a solution – RNA presents an advanced 3-step headlight restoration process, specifically designed to efficiently and economically rejuvenate headlights that have succumbed to yellowing, dullness, and haziness due to prolonged sun exposure. Our cutting-edge system not only restores headlights to their original condition but also applies a UV coating to proactively prevent future oxidation.

Why consider headlight restoration in Auckland?

Over time, headlight lenses can undergo oxidation, leading to a yellowed and dull appearance. This not only compromises the brightness of the headlights, creating challenges for fellow drivers on the road, but also diminishes a driver’s visibility during night time journeys. In fact, severe oxidation can pose a significant obstacle to passing a Warrant of Fitness inspection.

Opting for RNA’s headlight restoration service ensures not only the revival of your headlights but also the application of a protective UV coating, extending their longevity and preserving their clarity. Our innovative approach addresses the aesthetic concerns of yellowing and dullness while simultaneously enhancing safety on the road.

Don’t let diminished headlight performance jeopardize your safety or your ability to pass a WOF inspection. Contact us today to schedule your car for RNA’s comprehensive headlight restoration process. Rediscover the brilliance of your headlights and drive with confidence, knowing that your vehicle meets the necessary safety standards.

  • $199 per pair
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