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Ceramic Coating technology has evolved over the past few years and now they are more popular than ever, but we want to dig into the reasons why it has become so popular. One of the main reasons people choose to get a Ceramic Coating is to keep their car looking new, clean, shiny and the most important benefit they have in mind is to protect the car’s exterior.

No matter where you live or where you park your car, weather elements such as rain, the sun, or snow can cause extensive damage, this is why it is important to use protectants on a car’s exterior. These weather elements will start to break down the exterior and eventually make the car look old and oxidised. How much damage is caused depends on the climate where you live, whether you park your car in a covered space, or whether you take care and maintain the car’s exterior. One of the most effective ways to prevent oxidation and damage from weather conditions is to get a Ceramic Coating

This leads to the question, is there a difference between getting wax, using sealants, and getting Ceramic Coating? Each protects a different part of a car and can help shield against damage in different ways and have different levels of protection. They also differ in their application process, price, and durability. 

What is the difference between Wax, Sealants and Ceramic Coating?

Wax: This protectant is the cheapest in terms of car exterior protection. It lasts up to a couple of months and is the easiest protectant in terms of application. 

Sealants: Sealants act in the same way as waxes do and have a similar application process.

In comparison, Ceramic Coatings are the more expensive option but in terms of protection and durability, it is the most effective solution for car exterior protection.

These three different protectants have different life spans due to their thickness. Ceramic Coating lasts for years as it is a thicker solution. It´s a higher protectant not to mention that it gives the best results out of the three when it comes to glossiness. If using wax as a protectant it has to be applied every few months which can be time-consuming as well as not very cost-effective. Ceramic Coating guarantees higher protection that is more resistant to chemicals, bird droppings, and scratches. 

How does Ceramic coating work?

When the Onyx Nano Ceramic Coating is applied to the surface of a car the nanoparticles form a layer and work together to create an inseparable bond with your paintwork. This means it isn’t easily removed. After the surface of the car has been prepared and is non-absorbent, the nanoparticles combine with the surface and from then onwards liquids are repelled taking any surface contaminants with them. This nano-coating forms an invisible layer that acts as a barrier similar to glass.

Ceramic Coatings are a type of protection that lasts a long time and it also adds a glossy exterior that will have everyone staring at your car. 

There are many other incredible benefits of Ceramic Coating such as:

  • It contains water-repelling qualities
  • Provides protection against bird droppings
  • IS UV & chemical resistance
  • Guarantees protection that lasts a long time
  • Aids and assist in maintaining car cleanliness
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