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The typical assumption in the market when it comes to coating is that it is just something that you do to the body of the car. But this is a misconception, as coatings can be used all over. From plastics to metals, to glass, and carbon fibre. A coating is something that preserves a vehicle all over, from top to bottom.

A good example is under the hood of the car. For a fair few of us, we may never think to look under the hood of the car. It is a dirty, musty place, full of fumes and dirt. But that is not necessarily the case for everyone, nor does it have to be. What if you like to show off your engine as a hot-rod project, or at shows? Maybe you own a supercar with a visible engine in the rear and would love to show it off. For these people, a coating can be the perfect solution. It will help to keep the engine in fantastic shape while making it simple to clean and protecting the parts from further wear and tear.

Another example is the exhaust on a number of vehicles. Whether you’re turning heads with a supped-up beast of a car, are trying to show off the gorgeous lines of a bike, or are just trying to make a statement with a new car. A coating can help to achieve those automotive goals.

The rims of the car are another fantastic place to coat. Some car rims are unique and highly impossible to replace cheaply. Some just turn heads, and you would prefer to keep them that way. Because they face so much wear out on the road, it is not uncommon to see the rims of a car fade and get battered over time. Being so close to the ground, they are met with fast moving dust, dirt, and debris constantly. This a problem that can be alleviated by a coating, resulting in shining rims that will continue to turn heads well into the future.

What about mirrors and glass? Well, they can be coated too. This can be especially important in regions that see a lot of annual rainfall. Typically, it is not uncommon to see rainwater sticking to a mirror and windshields, obscuring your view. With the hydrophobic properties of a ceramic coating, the water will bead and roll off, leading to a clearer view of the road through all of your glass. Making for a safer, more secure drive.

Ceramic coatings are highly versatile and can be used all over a vehicle. They are not just for the body, and as discussed here, can be used to protect a vehicle from top to bottom, inside and out. The next generation of car care is here, and it will keep any vehicle looking stunning for years to come.

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